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Where in the world do you ship?

We ship within the United States and Canada.

Do I have to pay any tax or duty fee on my bag?

A small percentage of the orders we ship may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches the destination. As we cannot control these costs and we are not responsible for any duties/taxes applied to your bag(s), you will be responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance if they apply.

What is your shipping time?

Shipping time is only about 3-4 business days, with 1-2 business days handling time. So after you place your order it should arrive within a total of 4-6 business days except for any unforeseen circumstances.

Can I track my bag’s journey?

Yes, you can see your bag’s journey through the order tracking.

Is it possible to send the bag as a gift directly to the recipient?

Yes, ofcourse! In such a case, please email us and we can ship the bag to the address provided by you but send the receipt only to you online (via email).


Do you use real leather?

Yes, we use authentic leather.

Can two bags be same?

No, two bags cannot be identical due to the unique texture of the hand-knotted kilims used. Every bag is unique.

What happens if my bag’s shade fades?

Due to the nature of texture in your bag and the leather used, it may slightly alter overtime, we believe that is the character of the authentic leather and the kilim texture we use and it is just natural ageing over time.

What sold out items come back to the stock?

No sold items exactly come back in stock, a similar basic design may come back but not an identical product.

How often are the New Product Releases?

We tend to update our stock quite regularly, but we also do surprise our customers sometimes.

Can we have a custom bag designed?

Sure, we would love to design a custom bag for you and your loved ones, share your dream bag ideas with us on hello@hadi-b.com. We will try to do our magic and make it happen.

Can I get an extra strap if I lose or damage mine?

Sure! Please email us if need be, and we will definitely try to help you out. Reach us at hello@hadi-b.com.


What should I do if my payment does not process?

Please contact us at hello@hadi-b.com and we will provide you an alternative right away.


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